Legal Print | Become a Legal Printer through our blog.
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Become a Legal Printer through our blog.

Become a Legal Printer through our blog.

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Legal Print welcomes you to our Blog that provides legal information and fast and efficient networking solutions.
Legal Print is a Law Firm specializing in Intellectual Property, Corporate and Regulatory Law, which has emerged from the initiative of Paola, Nacho and Monse, three young lawyers, but with many years of experience in these fields.

Pao is a lawyer, specializing in Community Law and Human Rights and took courses of specialization in Intellectual Property Law in New Hampshire University, and has work experience in both the private sector (law firm), as in the public sector, having worked with the ex-president Oscar Arias and the Ministry of Foreign Trade.

Monse, is a lawyer specializing in Intellectual Property. She worked for more than ten years as the Director of the Intellectual Property Department of a Central America law firm where she acquired extensive knowledge in Central America Law, both in theory and in application.

Nacho is also a lawyer, specializing in Commercial and Corporate Law and Litigation and Arbitration and worked for more than eight years in a law firm dedicated to corporate law matters in general.

With the vision of three young professionals, with experience, it was born the idea of founding a Law Firm that meets the needs of today’s business environment, with the features we have noticed that our clients claim such as: fast response, timing, legal quality and reasonable costs.

In addition to the above, we are convinced of the importance of new ventures for our environment, and how essential it is to share technical information and quality.

“Knowledge is power. Information is power. The secreting or hoarding of knowledge or information may be an act of tyranny camouflaged as humility.”
Robin Morgan.

That’s why we want to become a reference for those who ask for an effective and quick solution as well as for those who need quality information in the areas of our specialty. Through our blog we want to be a simple and friendly tool for our contacts so they can solve their requirements in these subjects in be free informed.

We hope to become your allies!

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