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What we are

Legal Print was born with the idea of becoming a strategic partner with our clients. Working under the highest standards of quality and service, our over 10 years of knowledge in this field gives us solid experience. By also offering a reasonable cost structure, this provides our customers the flexibility of using our services on a daily basis to best avoid dealing with greater legal issues if unattended.
“We are young professionals in Law, with over ten years of experience in Intellectual Property, Corporate Law, and Regulatory Law in Central America. We are the perfect combination of experience gained over the years of service, and energy and versatility that businesses require to face new legal challenges”

What we look for

To offer our clients efficient, professional and friendly advice to suit the needs of today’s legal services.
We always look to be a strategic partner with our clients to better understand their individual needs and those of their companies. We look to be proactive and efficient and provide a professional and friendly service and always generate added value for our clients.

To leave our legal print in your Company.

To provide excellent legal services at affordable costs.

To put a refreshing image through our services

To be strategic partners of our clients.

To protect the Intellectual Property of your Business

What we believe in

Innovation, entrepreneurship and creative talent as tools for human development and the creation of new and better opportunities.


We believe in providing a service of qualified, reliable and excellent legal advice, but also love to innovative, working closely with the specific needs of our clients and with an affordable cost structure.

Creative Talent

We help enhance the intellectual property of your business.

We defend the intellect and the creativity as transcendental assets in all businesses …

Supporting the entrepreneurs
We believe in supporting the entrepreneurs with their projects, providing an accessible, understandable and reliable service. Ask about our projects with entrepreneurs …. ”

Our Mission

To provide excellent, innovative legal advice, with affordable costs, leaving a legalprint in all our clients, so that we can become strategic partners for all their business.