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About us

Our Services

We have extensive experience in managing and providing Intellectual Property and Regulatory Law related services. We try to provide not only solutions for our client’s problems, but also provide preventive strategies. Above all we take into consideration the specific needs of our clients, so that they receive the technical and legal advice on the most cost effective and efficient way to address every situation.
  • Registration of trademarks, trade names, slogans, and related services.
  • Registration of patents of invention, industrial designs, industrial models and utility models.
  • Registration of domain names.
  • Registration of Copyright and related rights.
  • Intellectual Property Enforcement.
  • Sanitary Registrations.
  • We offer coaching in all the above mentioned topics.

We are specialist in

Intellectual Property and Corporate Law. We have a wide network of specialists in Intellectual Property around the world.

Regulatory Law (health and other records)


Industrial property (trademarks, patents and others)


Registry Law


Migratory Law


Monserrat Alfaro

Lawyer and Notary Public, specialized in Intellectual Property and Sanitary Registrations in Central America. Member of INTA (International Trademark Association).


Law degree from the International University of the Americas. (UIA) and did his Masters in Intellectual Property in Distance Education University (UNED).


She did an internship in the Spanish Law Firm J.M.Toro. She worked for more than ten years as the Director of the Intellectual Property and Sanitary Registration Department of a Central American Law Firm. Is currently a member of the Interamerican Association of Intellectual Property (ASIPI), and is the national delegate of this association in Costa Rica. Is the Vicepresident of the Costa Rican Intellectual Property Association and coordinates the Intellectual Property Comission of the Costa Rican Bar Association.


Spanish, English, French

What I love

I like being a lawyer because I believe in justice and balance, and I love the intellectual property because I am convinced that creation is the engine of art, culture and economy. I was born in winter in a tropical country, so I like the rain, especially if accompanied by good coffee also very typical of my Costa Rica. I love reading and I am fond of Peruvian author Mario Vargas Llosa. I have two children, Santiago and Tristan, the best thing that happened to me. I enjoy quality time with them and I learn something new every day from them. Finally, some years ago I declared my love for the mountains, another constant in the paradise country where I live. I love running through the hills and if it is dark, is the best!

"Basically, what we all look for and carry on, is the satisfaction and loyalty of final customers and that goal is more than achieved with Paola and Monserrat, helped by its professional team. It’s a pleasure to work with them and I will always give good references for their work."

Javier Toro- Client

"If I had to define Legal Print in one word, it would undoubtedly trust, because in the legal services of a project is essential to be in good hands, with someone that hears and understands your questions and needs. In legalprint the cold barrier of law advice for business is breaking, and serves you as a customer. It’s a fortunate to have a strategic alliance with Legal Print, 100% recommended."

Jorge Molinera - Independent Consultant